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We are a Native American Minority owned and operated company located on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, with 25 plus years’ experience in the music industry.  My tenure in the music business began at a young age "remembering my Grandfather and his brothers playing every Sunday at the kitchen table" at the age of 12 I begun my music profession with my dads band and i have been playing ever since... 1990 after graduation I attended MIT (Musicians Institute Of Technology) in Hollywood, California finished top of class  in percussions and Sound & Lighting Engineering, 1995 when I opened my own sound and lighting company although I have been a musician since I was 5 years old.  Music and Production has been a part of my family for decades; knowledge I learned from my father and worked for him on his Sound & Lighting Company, once he retired I opened my company.  As a musician myself, I see the importance for musicians to have options with regard to where they do business.  There are many reasons why musicians and those in the music industry choose to do business with a particular company.  We would like to offer a few reasons for why you should do business with Grey Willow Music & Productions.  

Commitment:  You will be a priority. We are a small family-owned company.  We have the ability to pay individual attention to the needs of our clients and get you set up with the exact products and service you want and need.    

Service and Staff: The people who will be working for you are experienced musicians who have a vested interest in your success. They understand their success is related to serving you better, they are not just punching their time card.   


Quality: We offer a variety of top of the line band instruments and music equipment. We work with the top manufacturers in the business.  


Warranties:  We honor all manufacturers warranties, we will help you if so happen any defects in any of our products we distribute with all our manufacturers.


Repairs: We work with repair companies across the United States as well as in-house services and technicians, to ensure reliable work with a quick turnaround.   


Convenience: Dealing with Grey Willow Music is convenient.  We are local and readily available if you need to contact us about any concerns you may have.  We are easy to reach and can handle orders in a quick manner.  We always strive to provide the best services we can.   


Affordability: Our pricing is competitive and we strive to make it affordable for you.  We will match or beat any competitor price.    


In closing, I would like you to know that we respect and appreciate those who share our love for music. Musicians, music educators, and those in the sound and lighting business are promoting an environment of artistic appreciation and are serving as an influential and integral part of the development of our children. We are dedicated to assisting you achieve your goals and ask that you consider choosing Grey Willow Music for your school, business, and  individual needs.   



Lawrence F. Archambault

Heháka Šakówiŋ

Hunkpapa Lakota


Grey Willow Enterprises



P.O. Box 926

Fort Yates, ND 58538


800 726 9193


Tribal Affiliate: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Business Location:

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation