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ARBO STRINGS ARE NICKEL8: A special blend of nickel and other introduced metal alloy gives these strings a special high output with long sustaining tone,  Nickel8 is our most popular electric string for today's rock guitarists who wants the output and tone most prevalent in today's sound. 

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WYMAN “ARBO” Archambault, A legend musician on the Standing Rock Nation. Born March 7th, 1954 he began his music career at the age of 12 and become most recognized musician on standing rock. With his first group “The Sioux Raiders” as he progressed in his music career and playing countless clubs across the tri-state area he formed the band “Iron Eagle” and released the album “Live with My Dreams & Bigfoot Boogie” in early 80’s he also formed “Wyman & Company Band” in the late 80’s his son joined the group and opening for national acts as well as starting the very first Sound & Lighting Production here on Standing Rock which still operates today.


In 2000 the group “Lakota Thunder” was nominated for the very first Indigenous Music Award and attended the 42nd GRAMMY AWARDs.


In his later years he formed a group with his Grandchildren Ria’s & Rashawn and longtime love of his life of 48 years Charlotte (Port) Archambault called the “Electric Moccasins”


After retirement he enjoyed recording, Music Editing and going to concert events with his children and attending production events and watching his grandchildren in sports (Which is another chapter in his life).


Wyman “ARBO” Archambault has countless hours of helping his fellow musicians here on Standing Rock…with this we honor him as well as all the fallen musicians here on the great Standing Rock Nation.