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About Equipment Leasing & Financing

TimePayment offers leasing, an affordable means of equipment financing, to a wide range of customers - including new businesses. We specialize in transactions with an equipment cost starting as low as $500, and are leaders in industries such as water quality, security systems, office equipment and more.



Fair Market Value:

TimePayment's Fair Market Value (FMV) equipment lease solution provides for the lowest payments possible, while delivering access to critical equipment for a defined period of time. At the end of that period of time, and after all scheduled payments have been made, the Lessee (user of the equipment) can take advantage of one of three options: return the equipment, purchase the equipment for a specific amount or rent the equipment on a monthly basis.


Lease-to-Own is a financial services solution that provides for ownership of the equipment following the receipt of all scheduled payments. Technically, the lease payment for a Lease-to-Own contract is calculated over a period of time that is three months less than the typical lease term, (33 months vs. 36 months) and the last three payments that are made encompass the purchase of the equipment. Payments are more expensive than a FMV transaction, however, the Lessee owns the equipment outright once they make the additional three payments to purchase the equipment.

$1 Buyout:

$1 Buyout is similar to Lease-to-Own in that ownership is passed after the last payment has been made, however the full term of the contract is utilized to calculate payments, and there is only a single dollar payment requirement to be made at the end of the contracted lease period.


Hampton Ridge Financial

Regardless of your industry Hampton Ridge Financial helps business owners and vendors grow with simple financing, world class service, and our passion for helping others. Realize your business dreams.

Hampton Ridge Financial provides Equipment Leasing and Financing options nationwide to all 50 U.S. States and Canada. We accept applications from any commercial entity, including Businesses, Non-profits, Houses of Worship, Schools, and Municipalities. Apply today using our easy online application.

Hampton Ridge Financial provides equipment financing and leasing options for purchases of $3,000 - $250,000+. They specialize in House of Worship financing, commercial (business) lending and schools/universities/municipalities. Finance for as low as $0 Down for qualified customers.

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