Audinate ADP-DAI-AU-2X0 Dante AVIO 2 Ch Input Adapter

Audinate ADP-DAI-AU-2X0 Dante AVIO 2 Ch Input Adapter

$169.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price

Don't abandon your legacy gear, Audinate lets you integrate mixers and analog devices into audio networks with Dante™ Avio.


  • Send audio to analog power amplifiers and powered speakers over a Dante™ audio network
  • Patch DSPs, analog compressors and equalizers into a Dante™ system using a combination of Dante AVIO Input and Output adapters
  • Create easy drop-points for connecting cry rooms and overflow areas to a Dante™ network
  • Connect stage DI boxes and keyboard instruments directly to a Dante™ network

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