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The LUCAS NANO 302 PA Pack from HK Audio is a stereo PA that can be carried in one hand and is a multi-faceted performer, whether it’s as a front PA with your band for audiences of up to 200 or for smaller more intimate performances. The LUCAS NANO 302 is the ideal sound system for anyone looking to amplify line-level signals: from MP3 players and notebooks, to mixing consoles, keyboards and more. Small, flexible and feather-light at just 10.3 kg, LUCAS 302 can easily be carried in just one hand and is built up and ready to go in seconds, whatever the situation.

LUCAS NANO 302 consists of an active system subwoofer and two satellites, which are stored in the subwoofer’s transport bay. The powerful bass and HiFi-esque sound at high SPL make listeners who can’t see the 305 FX imagine they’re experiencing a far larger and heavier system. The LUCAS NANO 302 PA Pack can operate as an MP3 playback party sound system. An entertainer’s stereo PA. An elegant mono solution for singer-songwriters. At home for live sports screenings or karaoke evenings. In the gym, pushing through the burn. Or at garden parties with friends. LUCAS NANO – makes your world sound bigger!


  • Active, mutifunctional PA system
  • Stereo line input for simple connection to external stereo sources
  • Optimized for use as a 2.1 stereo system
  • Can be extended into a more powerful Twin Stereo System setup when used in conjunction with any other 300 series LUCAS NANO
  • Functions as an elegant mono PA
  • Active 8” high-performance subwoofer
  • 2 satellites with 3.5? broadband woofers
  • all speakers custom-made by Celestion
  • 750 watts peak power (calc.)
  • 120 dB max. SPL
  • Low-ranging bass down to 44 Hz
  • Weighs just 10.3 kg and leaves a very small footprint
  • Satellite transport bay inside the subwoofer enclosure
  • Simple handling; assembles in seconds
  • High quality STEREO STAND ADD-ON from König & Meyer (available separately)
  • Height-adjustable S-CONNECT POLE LN (available separately), for cable-free setup as Mono or Twin Stereo System setup


  • 302 System:
    • Product Class: Portable stereo PA system
    • Audience: up to 80
    • Frequency response -10 dB: 44 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Power Rating: 230 W (RMS)
    • Peak power (calc.): 750 W
    • Amplifier: Class D
    • Active protection circuits: MulitBand limiter, Subsonic filter, Thermo protection, Overload protection
    • Enclosure: Surface-coated Polypropylene
    • Optional accessories: Stereo Stand Add-on, S-Connect Pole LN, Add-on Package Two, Roller Bag, Link-Kabel
    • Weight: 10.3 kg / 22.7 lbs.
  • LUCAS NANO 300 Series Satellite:
    • Max SPL peak: 120 dB (Satellite Array) @10% THD, Halfspace
    • Frequency response -10 dB: 190 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Mid/High Speaker: 3.5" Broadband (Celestion custom-made)
    • Mid/high unit dispersion pattern, horizontal/vertical: 60° x 40° (Single Satellite), 60° x 30° (Satellite Array)
    • Pole mount: 3/8" thread
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 13 x 13 x 11,5 cm
    • Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs.
  • LUCAS NANO 302 Subwoofer:
    • Max SPL peak: 118 dB@10%THD, half space
    • Frequency response -10 dB: 44 Hz - 190 Hz
    • LF Speaker: 8" Celestion custom-made
    • Inputs: Stereo input, XLR, jack plugs, Mini jack
    • Outputs: Speaker Out, Easy-Click, Rec Out,Link Out for Twin Stereo Mode
    • Pole mount: M33 for the (signal-routing) S-CONNECT POLE LN, a speaker pole adapter sleeve (M33 to M20) is included
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 30 x 39 x 42 cm
    • Weight: 8.3 kg / 18.3 lbs.