Loaded with 6 Mackie Onyx preamps and 14 high-headroom/low-noise line inputs, the 1402VLZ4 delivers clear, crisp audio reproduction in a versatile, reliable, and portable package.

The 1402VLZ4 is a great board for budget and home studios. All 14 channels are fitted with a 3 band equalizer (EQ) for enhancing signals or correcting problems. You get two full-featured auxiliary sends per channel that can be used for creating separate headphone mixes. There are also six balanced channel inserts so you can connect your favorite compressors, gates or effects units. Another studio friendly feature is the control room source matrix that lets you choose to listen to any of three different sources through the console's control room stereo outputs. Channels 1-6 have phantom power so you can use condenser microphones, while Low-cut filters on those channels help reduce low-frequency noise the more sensitive condensers often pick up.

With a rack-mountable design and rugged steel chassis built to handle load-ins and load-outs, the 1402 also shines in a live setting. Sealed rotary controls make sure the unavoidable dirt, dust, and road grime won't affect the your console. So whether for the studio, live performance or both, the Mackie 1402VLZ4 is a solid choice.

Optional rack ear kit sold separately.



  • Home studio
  • Small live productions
  • Broadcast


  • 14-channel mixer with Mackie's signature high-headroom/low-noise design
  • 6 boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps with ultra-wide 60 dB gain range
  • Musical logarithmic taper faders
  • Improved RF rejection great for broadcast applications
  • Phantom power for condenser mics
  • 14 high-headroom line inputs
  • 3-band EQ (80 Hz, 2.5 kHz, 12 kHz)
  • 18 dB/oct 75 Hz low-cut filter on mic input channels
  • Aux send, level, pan and PFL solo on each channel
  • Stereo return for connecting FX processor or other stereo source
  • ALT 3/4 stereo bus for added routing flexibility
  • Control room / phones source matrix
  • Sealed rotary controls resist dust and grime
  • High-visibility, high-contrast controls deliver convenient “at-a-glance” visual feedback


  • Main Mix Noise:
    • Main Mix Knob Down, Channel Gain Knobs Down: -101 dBu
    • Main Mix Knob @ Unity, Channel Gain Knobs Down: -91 dBu
    • Main Mix Knob @ Unity, Channel Gain Knobs @ Unity: -86 dBu
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (mic pre @ insert): < 0.0007%
  • Attenuation/Crosstalk:
    • Main Mix Knob Down: -100 dBu
    • Channel Alt/Mute Switch Engaged: -90 dBu
    • Channel Gain Knob Down: -90 dBu
  • Frequency Response (Mic In to Main Out):
    • +0 / -1 dB: 20 Hz to 50 kHz
    • +0 / -3 dB: < 10 Hz to > 100 kHz
  • Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) (20 Hz - 20 kHz): 150 Ω termination, -128.5 dBu
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR): better than -70 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Maximum Levels:
    • Mic In: +22 dBu
    • Tape In: +16 dBu
    • All Other Inputs: +22 dBu
    • Main Mix XLR Out: +28 dBu
    • All Other Outputs: +22 dBu
  • Impedances:
    • Mic In: 2.5 kΩ
    • Channel Insert Return: 2.5 kΩ
    • All Other Inputs: 10 kΩ or greater
    • Tape Out: 1.1 kΩ
    • All Other Outputs: 120 Ω
  • Equalizer: 3-band
    • High Shelving: ±15 dB @ 12 kHz
    • Mid Peaking: ±15 dB @ 2.5 kHz
    • Low Shelving: ±15 dB @ 80 Hz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.5" x 14" x 3.2"
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Mackie 1402VLZ4 14-Channel Compact Mixer

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