Powersoft - M28Q The M Series 4 Channel Power Amplifier

Powersoft - M28Q The M Series 4 Channel Power Amplifier

SKU: TMP79754

The M Series is Powersoftâ s entry range of amplifiers and consists in 5 models (M50Q, M28Q, M30D, M20D and M14D). A cost effective solution for stagers who are also looking to benefit from Powersoftâ s renowned efficiency and power to size capacities, the M Series is suitable for small to medium FOH systems, and are optimised for mobile DJ, stage monitoring and full-range loudspeakers amplification.
The M Series represents a superb value from a premium brand with unparalleled efficiency. Itâ s green power technology means they are good for the environment and gentle on the power bill. The size and weight is an absolute minimum thanks to the 1U standard and the reduced depth of the equipment.
M Series models are available in 4 channel (up to 1250 W/ch on 4 ohm) and two channels (up to 1500 W/ch on 4 ohm). Available in HDSP+ETH version, the M Series offers remote control and advanced signal processing abilities though Powersoft's Armonía ProAudio Suite (available for MediaMatrix, Crestron and AMX monitoring systems).


    ✓ Legendary Powersoft efficiency: ▶ Compact and space saving: 4 channels in 1 RU at 358 mm / 14.1’’ depth ▶ Green Audio Power®: minimal “carbon footprint” and operational cost of electricity ▶ Plenty of power, less weight: up to 2,800 W in 7.3 kg / 16 lb ✓ Unique Powersoft technology for efficient, reliable performance: ▶ Switch mode power supply, internally switchable 230/115 V nominal ▶ Fixed frequency switch mode amplifier output stages ▶ Patented amplifier output filters with ripple cancellation network ✓ Optimized for 4 Ω loads, thus ideally matching real-world scenarios in targeted applications ✓ Fully protected circuit design: ▶ AC protection: shuts down power supply when AC mains voltage is outside operating range ▶ Clip limiter: prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching loudspeakers, while still maintaining full peak power output ▶ DC protection: protects against infrasonic signal at the outputs ▶ VHF protections: protects the loudspeakers against destructive non-audible, non-musical high frequency signals ▶ Short circuit protection: protects the amplifier from short circuit or similar events on the outputs; with automatic protection reset ▶ Thermal protection: mutes outputs once output devices reach 75 ºC / 167 ºF; automatic unmute once temperature is down to 65 ºC / 149 ºF ✓ Temperature controlled continuous variable speed fan, front to rear airflow ✓ Recessed stepped level attenuators ✓ Full four years warranty ✓ Also available as M28Q HDSP+ETH with integrated DSP and Ethernet comm port

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