Ceiling Speaker Bundle with 2 8C10X/BU/WS Speakers, Back Cans and Tile Bridge Supports

The SOLUTION 1 is a complete speaker / transformer / baffle solution for ceiling installations. Each installer package includes two (2) C10X / BU / WS - The 8C10PAX - 8Ω O.D. dual cone loudspeaker with a 10oz. magnet and a TBLU - 5W-25/70V transformer mounted on a BR8WS round, steel, stud-mount baffle. Also included are two (2) SSB-3 - rust-resistant steel, load bearing supports and two (2) ERD8U - 275 CID, round, steel back boxes. The Quam SE7GVP is a hooded surface-mount enclosure for CIS4/xx (2-gang). It features a steel, vandal-resistant, hooded surface-mount enclosure for 2-gang call-in or listen-in stations. There are four (4) 6-32 threaded inserts on a standard 2-gang center and the conduit entrances are 1/2." Gray powdercoat finish.


  • 2x 8C10PAX loudspeakers
  • 2x TBLU-5W, 25 / 70.7V transformers (with 5 taps at -3dB levels)
  • 2x BR8WS white baffles (with baked epoxy hybrid finish)
  • 2x UL Listed ERD8U back cans
  • 2x SSB-3 tile bridge supports


  • 2 - 8C10PAX 8" loudspeakers
  • 2 TBLU 5W, 25 / 70V transformers (with 5 taps at -3dB levels)
  • 2 BR8WS white baffles, 2 UL-listed ERD8U back cans, and 2 SSB-3 bridge tile supports
  • 20W RMS power handling
  • 60Hz - 17kHz frequency response


  • Speaker Size: 8" frame
  • Average Sensitivity: 95dB-SPL, 1W / 1M
  • Loudspeaker Power: 20W-RMS, EIA 426A Standard Rating
  • Calculated Maximum System Output: 102dB-SPL, 5W / 1M
  • Magnet Type: BeFe Ceramic
  • Weight: 10oz. (Nominal)
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz - 17kHz EIA 462A Standard
  • Nominal: 90° Included Angle, Coverage Angle -6dB / 2kHz, Half space
  • Audio Connection: 7" color-coded pigtails, tinned and pre-cut
  • Electrical Access: 5x 1/2" / 3/4" conduit knock-outs spaced 90° apart, one on top


Quam SOLUTION-1 Ceiling Speaker Bundle with 2 8C10X/BU/WS Speakers, Back Cans an

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