TeachLogic IRM-5150-CS-4 IRM-5150 (CS-4)

TeachLogic IRM-5150-CS-4 IRM-5150 (CS-4)

SKU: TeachLogic IRM-5150-CS-4

TeachLogic IRM-5150-CS-4
IRM-5150 (CS-4)

The Maxim III wireless classroom microphone system from Teachlogic is their premiere Digital Hybrid sound-field system for use in the classroom. This particular system package, the IRM-5150 (CS-4), consists of a Maxim III Receiver/Mixer/Amplifer (model: IMA-520), a Ceiling Sensor for consistent IR connectivity throughout room (model: ICS-55), (4) Ceiling-Mount speakers (CS-4) with included Tile Bridge (SP-628), as well as the Sapphire transmitter/microphone with Lithium battery (IRT-60), and Plug-in battery charger (BRC-15).

IMA-520 Receiver/Mixer/Amplifier - Includes 2 infrared receivers, a powerful 50 watt Class D amplifier, digital equalization, and digital limiting that all combine to offer freedom of movement and allow simultaneous use of 2 microphones. Its 4 auxiliary inputs provide multi-media integration with even distribution of sound for all audio in the classroom. It has an RS-232 input that's compatible with most wall controllers and enables remote adjustment of inputs. It has a Line level output for Lesson capture plus a second output for ALS (Assistive Listening System). When combined with Sapphire (IRT-60) transmitter the Maxim III delivers several key features like: Security Alert circuit which is activated by holding down a button for 5 seconds on transmitter, Teacher Voice Priority, and Remote volume control for line inputs.

SP-628 2-Way Ceiling Mount Speakers (CS-4 package: 4 speakers included) with Tile Bridge - These full-range speakers come equipped with a 6.5" woofer and a high-frequency dome tweeter for wide dispersion of critical "consonant" frequencies. They're enclosed in a sealed metal backcan with plenum rating (conforms to UL2043 standard), and include 24" tile bridge which allows for quick and easy installation. They feature a white powder-coated finish, and are made for indoor use, mounted parallel to floor plane in a 24" wide suspended ceiling tile.

IRT-60 Sapphire Infrared Transmitter - Sapphire Pendant infrared transmitter/microphone with rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and unidirectional microphone for true voice reproduction and excellent feedback suppression. Its light weight, small size, and optimum performance make it the ideal infrared wireless microphone to complete this infrared classroom system package. It also features the previously mentioned Security Alert button which notifies the office in case of problems in the classroom, plus Teacher Priority, and Remote volume controls on all line inputs. Includes BRC-15 battery charger.

ICS-55 Ceiling Sensor - Ceiling dome sensor with 6 large receiving diodes and 50ft 75-ohm dual-shielded plenum-rated cable.