TeachLogic IRM-5650/CS4
Classroom Sound Field System with Maxim III Amplifier, 4x SP-628 Ceiling Speakers, 2x Transmitters


The TeachLogic IRM-5650/CS4 is a Classroom Sound Field System that includes the following components:

  • 1x IMA-520 Maxim III Amplifier
  • 1x IRH-35 handheld microphone transmitter
  • 1x IRT-60 Sapphire pendant /neckworn classroom microphone transmitter
  • 1x BRC-55 Drop-In Charger for handheld transmitter and up to two Sapphire transmitters
  • 4x SP-628 ceiling speakers

TeachLogic IMA-520 Maxim III Amplifier

The TeachLogic Maxim III is their premiere Digital hybrid sound-field system for use in the classroom. The four auxiliary inputs provide multimedia integration with even distribution of sound for all audio in the classroom. RS-232 wall panel control of the line inputs, Fire alarm mute connection (AC or DC), remote Teacher Security Alert, teacher priority with instant attenuation of the line levels via Sapphire IRT-60 pendant and Digital Feedback Guard (DFG) and switchable computer anti-hum circuit on computer input. The Maxim III also features an output for recording the day's lesson capture.

TeachLogic Sapphire IRT-60 Classroom Microphone

The Sapphire is our TeachLogic's lightweight classroom microphone. It can be worn with a lanyard or clipped directly to your neckline collar. The Sapphire boasts high level output, reliable connectivity and exceptional definition. With a built-in breath filter, the Sapphire can function as a pass-around hand microphone.

With a tap on the power button, the mic mutes for private conversation—tap again to restore to normal operation. The auxiliary input allows wireless playback of your iPod through the Sapphire. A three-position slide switch provides selection of HIGH, MID or LOW (Normal, -3dB or -6dB) microphone volume level.

The IRT-60 features Security Alert, which allows you to hold down the priority button for five seconds activates a contact closure.

TeachLogic IRT-35 Handheld Microphone Transmitter

The IRT-35 handheld microphone/transmitter is primarily used by students for interactive class participation. The ergonomic design allows for very low handling noise. The unidirectional condenser microphone reproduces excellent vocal quality and the windscreen prevents breath pops. The emitting diodes are located around the top and bottom end of the handle for 360° transmission and assured connectivity throughout the classroom.

Teach Logic IMA-520 Maxim III Amplifier Features:

  • 50-watt Digital Hybrid Class D amplifier
  • Two IR wireless microphone receivers
  • Remote Teacher Security Alert contact connection
  • Fire Alarm Mute Input for AC or DC from 5-24 volt
  • RS-232 wall panel control of line input levels
  • Remote Teacher Priority feature (over line inputs)
  • Page Pass-through with muting (even if AC power isn't present), sensitivity control (25, 75, 100 volt)
  • Four Line inputs for DVD, Computer, Aux and MP3
  • Switchable computer anti-hum circuit
  • Five band equalizer: ± 12dB
  • Power sleep mode feature to conserve energy
  • Digital Feedback Guard (DFG)
  • Drop-in charger connection 5 volt DC, USB
  • Powers up to four (4) speakers
  • TeachLogic SP-628 Ceiling Speaker
  • The SP-628 is a full-range compact coaxial ceiling speaker, providing low distortion and a smooth natural frequency response ideal for articulate vocal clarity. The SP-628 has integrated steel backcan along with 24" tile bridge which allows for quick and easy installation.

TeachLogic SP-628 Ceiling Speaker Features:

  • ETL plenum-rated conforms to UL2043 standard
  • Intended use: Indoor environment, mounted parallel to floor plane in a 24" wide suspended ceiling tile.
  • Power: 30 watts continuous
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Finish: White powder-coated
  • Speaker wire included with package: West Penn Wire, 100 ft, Plenum-rated,18 gauge, 2-conductor.

TeachLogic IRM-5650/CS4 Classroom Sound Field System with Maxim III Amplifier, 4

SKU: TeachLogic IRM-5650/CS4
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