Union - U5 5-Piece Jazz/Rock/Blues Drum Set with Hardware, Cymbals, and Throne - Wine Red


A quality drum set at an entry-level price, Union's U5 offers the perfect solution for student drummers on the road to musical excellence, or anyone looking for a basic, affordable drum kit. Designed and performance tested in the USA, this quality Union drum set is rapidly growing in popularity.

This full set of drums is configured as a complete package, including hardware (stands), cymbals, drum throne and sticks – so that it can be played immediately after unpacking the box! This is a great convenience for the student drummer, without needing to purchase separate hardware and cymbals. It offers sound value at a great price, equally suited for live gigs or in the studio.

The drums in this set are very versatile – large enough to accommodate rock and blues musical situations, yet small enough to obtain a great jazz sound, and to be a good fit for younger student’s frames.
The Union U5 Jazz/Rock/Blues 5-Piece Drum Set features durable all-wood shells, and heavy-duty, double-braced hardware with non-slip rubber feet so that it stays in place with the hardest hitting.

Drum sizes:
• 16" x 20" Bass Drum
• 8" x 10" Tom
• 9" x 12" Tom
• 14" x 14" Floor Tom
• 5.5" x 14" Snare Drum

Hardware includes:
• Snare Stand
• Cymbal Boom Stand
• Hi-hat Stand
• Single Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal
• Two Tom Arms
• Throne

Cymbals include:
• 14" Hi-hats
• 16" Crash

Accessories include:
• Drumsticks
• Drum Tuning Key
Available in three colors: Wine Red (WR), Metallic Dark Blue (DB), and Black (BK).

Products from Union Drums offer Quality and Sound Value across their entire line, perfect for the young musician or the weekend gigging musician. Be sure to explore Union Drum Sets, Union Percussion, Union Hardware, Union Drum Accessories and Union One Earth Percussion.

Union - U5 5-Piece Jazz/Rock/Blues Drum Set with Hardware, Cymbals, and Throne -

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